Teaching Children Scuba Diving in South East Asia

Scuba diving for schools

Orca’s ‘Scuba Diving For Schools’ programme has a mission: to change the way children think about oceans through education.

We aim to teach scuba diving to kids of all ages. They will learn a skill that they can enjoy throughout their lives, and will experience the wonders of the ocean for themselves. They will not only learn to appreciate the underwater world’s amazing creatures, plants and ecosystems; but also they will learn about the impact mankind is having on the marine environment, and the amazing people who are trying to restore a healthy balance.

Learn to dive; explore new environments; discover marine conservation projects; and find out how you too can make a difference to this planet.

Orca Scuba Diving for Children, Hollandse Club, Singapore

"Orca Scuba has taught the students to dive and engage with the marine environment, and also to establish an educated and respectful relationship with our oceans." – Victoria Juett, Head of Geography, SJII

What is Orca’s scuba diving for schools programme?

At Orca, we want to come to every school in Singapore, Malaysia, South East Asia and eventually the world. We run multiple school programmes, for children ranging in ages from 8-18. The programmes and individual modules comprise of:

  • Oceanic Awareness Programme. Teaching and engaging children on the various aspects of our oceans. They handle flora and fauna as well as current environmental issues and the impact of humans. Each module takes about 45-60 minutes of in-class presentations and discussions. An ideal Extra Curricular Activity (ECA)
  • School-Based Dive Theory Training and Confined Pool Sessions. Introducing children to scuba diving and preparing them for continued dive education and open water diving
  • PADI Seal Team. Scuba diving programmes for younger kids, which consists of 5 so called “Aquamissions” that can be conducted with kids at the age of 8 and 9 years. Often run as an after-school activity
  • Complete ECA Dive Training Programmes. For students aged 10+ years of age. We spread these programmes out over periods of 5-7 weeks: school based training followed by a closing weekend on Pulau Rawa. PADI Dive Certifications we can deliver include:
    • Open Water
    • Advanced Open Water (12+)
    • Rescue Diver (12+)
    • Specialty Diver
    • Master Scuba Diver Certifications
  • Information and Movie Sessions. Featuring specific topics such as shark finning, global warming, tsunami knowledge and research, etc.
  • Orca Scuba’s School Dive Clubs. We manage weekend dive activities for schools. Both students and parents can particpate. We prepare student divers with theory and pool sessions before taking them to one of our dive destinations for open water training and fun diving
  • School Camps. On our Pulau Rawa Island Resort we cater for a wide variety of school camp options. These include, among others:
    • Dive Activities. Training and Fun Diving
    • Snorkel Training and Leisure Snorkelling
    • Kayak Trips. Around the island and to nearby islands
    • Sailing Lessons. Climb aboard our award-winning Tiwal 3.2 inflatable sailing dinghies
    • Nature Tracking Tours on Pulau Rawa
    • Sumatran Barn Owl Lectures, Viewings and Island Trekking Tours. Study and learn more about these special creatures and their natural rodent and pest control function on Pulau Rawa
    • Beach and Water Sports. Compete in marine decathlons with teacher/student teams under the guidance of our instructor staff
    • Various CAS programmes for IB students. A few weeks to a few months
    • Book Presentations on “Together We Can Turn Tides – A Manifesto to Save the Oceans, Planet and Ourselves”
Teaching Scuba Diving to School Groups in Asia

"Challenge week was probably one of the best experiences of my life. I rediscovered my passion for diving and marine life, and also learnt so much more about the positive impact the ocean has on our lives. Safe to say, challenge week has changed my perspective on the importance of the marine ecosystem in our world, and also helped me see that our generation needs to come together, work together, to be catalysts for change." – Nina 11MG1, SJII

For more on school diving…

Scuba for Kids, Schools and Families

What makes Orca Scuba different – besides our outstanding equipment, diver-to-instructor ratios, and quality standards – is our focus on diving with children and families.

Diving for Families

Our team of professional dive instructors specialise in diving for families – either separately, according to experience, or as a single group. They have years of experience introducing children and their parents to the underwater world.

Diving for Children – FAQs

Orca Scuba runs courses for all the family and our pupils start at just 8 years old. We make diving as safe, relaxed and informative as possible. Here are some frequently asked questions about our safety approach.

Is Scuba Diving Safe for Children?

Orca Scuba specialises in teaching young people, as young as 8 years old, how to scuba dive. Safety is therefore an intrinsic part of the company culture. It is obvious in everything that we do, and it is our most sacred principle.