Scuba Diving with Children

Scuba diving for families

At Orca Scuba, we are passionate about the ocean and everything in it! We love to introduce others to the world of scuba diving so they can experience it with us! Our team of professional dive instructors have years of experience introducing both children and adults to the underwater world through our high quality, safe and professional dive training. All of our courses have a maximum ratio of just 4 students per one instructor, even if regulations allow a higher ratio for a particular course.


"I was so impressed with the experience my son had with Orca Scuba. As a first time diver he was quite nervous but the instructor had such a great way with children that he was instantly put at ease, we booked in the morning for an afternoon slot and at lunchtime he had already met his instructor over lunch who was really friendly and came over to say hi. The briefing before the dive was very thorough and pitched at exactly the right level for my son. He loved every minute of his diving experience in Rawa. Thank you Orca Scuba!"


We teach a wide variety of PADI dive courses, for complete beginners, all the way up to professional PADI Divemasters. Every course we teach, we focus on safety, quality and the preservation of our oceans. We use high quality equipment that is regularly inspected and maintained, and even have specially selected equipment just for children.

For our customers, there's rarely anything more precious than time

We understand that time is precious, which is why we do not have fixed schedules for our programs. You can complete the theory and training at your own pace, even in the comfort of your own home thanks to PADI’s training apps and online learning.

"Our instructors have years of experience introducing children and their parents to the underwater world."

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Scuba for Kids, Schools and Families

What makes Orca Scuba different - besides our outstanding equipment, diver-to-instructor ratios, and quality standards - is our focus on diving with children and families.

Diving for Schools

Orca Scuba works with many of the schools in Singapore and Malaysia. We run multiple school programmes, for children ranging in ages from 8-18, including PADI dive courses, schools camps, oceanic awareness courses, conservation and much more.

Diving for Children – FAQs

Orca Scuba runs courses for all the family and our pupils start at just 8 years old. We make diving as safe, relaxed and informative as possible. Here are some frequently asked questions about our safety approach.

Is Scuba Diving Safe for Children?

Orca Scuba specialises in teaching young people, as young as 8 years old, how to scuba dive. Safety is therefore an intrinsic part of the company culture. It is obvious in everything that we do, and it is our most sacred principle.