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3 ways to pass time at the safety stop – Britney Ireland

You really don’t want to skip it but as the name suggests, they are essential for our safety. Safety stops, even though not always necessary, give our bodies extra time to slowly release excess gases, like nitrogen, built up during a dive. So how do we survive them? These 3 seemingly endless minutes can be... Read more »

Diving in Cold Water – Britney Ireland

Growing up on the East Coast of South Africa I was privileged enough to be surrounded by incredibly diverse waters. Most of my time was spent in the warm waters of Sodwana Bay, a small town in Kwa-Zulu Natal, and so I was fascinated by the unknown cooler waters of the Western Cape. To me... Read more »

Is Diving Dangerous? How Do Experienced Divers Find Themselves in Trouble?

In a recent discussion, a group of instructors and I were talking about an article recently published by the BBC (Link to BBC Article) where a group of instructors went diving together to find nudibranchs at 40 metres. The questions kept coming up: Is diving dangerous? How do experienced divers find themselves in trouble? In... Read more »


How to choose your next regulator

Types of Regulators There are a wide range of regulators to choose from. The ones you’ve most commonly heard of are the balanced and unbalanced regulators, and among those are diaphragm and piston regulator systems. There are several makes and models which produce variations of the same concept. The two main types of regulators are... Read more »


Scariest Moments Underwater

We Asked 5 Diving Instructors to Reveal Their Scariest Moments Underwater – Don’t Read if You Have a Weak Constitution First and foremost, any dive instructor would tell you exactly what I am about to – diving is not scary. I am more at ease under the water than on the surface. The soothing in... Read more »


We asked Five Professional Dive Instructors What Their Most Precious Piece of Dive Equipment Was. The Results Were Not What We Expected!

We Asked Five Professional Dive Instructors What Their Most Precious Piece of Dive Equipment Was. The Results Were Not What We Expected! Equipment is very personal and having your own can make your dives so much more enjoyable. Why get your own equipment? No blisters from fins that don’t fit, better buoyancy from a BCD... Read more »


The Secret to Loving January

Ok, here’s something a little different … I am not going to plant the seed that you are a disappointing slab of humanity. I am not going to tell you that you need a life overhaul and a complete change of character. I am not going to try and profit off the fact that you’ve... Read more »


10 Signs You Are A Diving Addict

Sure, many of us love diving, but is your passion on the edge of being an addiction?! I love diving ... a lot! But I also enjoy city trips, trekking, and reading a book. However, some people like to take their passion to a whole new level. If you really love diving all the time,... Read more »


Making a Better Diver? A Guide by Orca Scuba

Mental Preparation to become a better diver Diving is described as an extreme sport, although to most recreational divers it is regarded simply as a leisure pursuit most still want to know how to become a better diver. When underwater our troubles and stresses disappear as we enjoy and immerse ourselves in the aquatic environment.... Read more »


To Become a Certified Diver Why do a Swim Test?

To Become a Certified Diver Why do a Swim Test?  You don’t have to be an Olympic swimmer to become a certified diver, in fact you do not need to be a very strong swimmer at all, but having some stamina in the water and feeling relaxed helps a lot. On the open water course... Read more »