Interview with Jeroen van de Waal – OrcaNation

As Orca Scuba evolves into OrcaNation, Joanna Jones sat down with our Founder and Chief Orca, Jeroen van de Waal, to find out more about the new changes and about what drives him to move his business forward. Having reached the 50th “level” of his life in 2019 Jeroen shows no signs of slowing down... Read more »


A Sea-Change is Underway, Led by OrcaNation

PRESS RELEASE – 25 MARCH 2019 What if each of us could do a little bit more to change the health of our planet and what if the changes we made didn’t just impact our environment, what if they transformed the way we treat the Oceans, Planet and Ourselves? OrcaNation is a company dedicated to... Read more »


3 ways to pass time at the safety stop – Britney Ireland

You really don’t want to skip it but as the name suggests, they are essential for our safety. Safety stops, even though not always necessary, give our bodies extra time to slowly release excess gases, like nitrogen, built up during a dive. So how do we survive them? These 3 seemingly endless minutes can be... Read more »

Diving in Cold Water – Britney Ireland

Growing up on the East Coast of South Africa I was privileged enough to be surrounded by incredibly diverse waters. Most of my time was spent in the warm waters of Sodwana Bay, a small town in Kwa-Zulu Natal, and so I was fascinated by the unknown cooler waters of the Western Cape. To me... Read more »


The Ocean is the Limit – Jeroen van de Waal

About Orca Nation At Orca Nation we strive to become a central hub for action, education and hope, for the oceans. To spark a movement for ocean conservation and adventure. To demonstrate as humanity heals the oceans, the oceans will heal humanity. Over the past 24 months we have organized 30 school camps, inspired 3,000... Read more »


Conservation, Environment and The Future Generations – Stephen Lee

Everybody who has ever gone scuba diving can attest to how incredible it feels to be floating in an almost alien-world surrounded by creatures familiar and somehow foreign. Diving is an exciting adventure to do while on holiday, but there’s trouble in Paradise! Coral Reefs and other important marine habitats are facing more dire threats... Read more »


Horseshoe Crabs on Rawa Island

The horseshoe crab is not actually a crab (Photo by Kev McLoughlin) The horseshoe crab is an ancient creature that was around way before the dinosaurs 445 million years ago and has not really changed: they are known as “living fossils”. This marine animal is an arthropod, closely related to the well-known scorpions and spiders... Read more »

Is Diving Dangerous? How Do Experienced Divers Find Themselves in Trouble?

In a recent discussion, a group of instructors and I were talking about an article recently published by the BBC (Link to BBC Article) where a group of instructors went diving together to find nudibranchs at 40 metres. The questions kept coming up: Is diving dangerous? How do experienced divers find themselves in trouble? In... Read more »


How Do Coral Reefs Support Us In Our Everyday Lives?

Corals are tiny animals that, collectively, play a huge role in the marine environment. They are also very valuable to people through the many ecosystem services they provide. These are services that we benefit greatly from and that nature provides for free, such as oxygen production by plants or water filtration by wetlands. One of... Read more »


How to choose your next regulator

Types of Regulators There are a wide range of regulators to choose from. The ones you’ve most commonly heard of are the balanced and unbalanced regulators, and among those are diaphragm and piston regulator systems. There are several makes and models which produce variations of the same concept. The two main types of regulators are... Read more »