The Orca Scuba Team

Although the same could be said of any business, in a dive company like Orca, the team really is our greatest asset. Orca Scuba's people are more than just members of staff. They are our ambassadors; they are our customer service representatives; and they are our sales and marketing people. They take care of problems and they deliver both 'surprise and delight'. Our employees represent the Orca brand in everything they do. And we trust them with the lives of our customers and our children.

Lead Orcas

Our Orca CEO and Managers


Jeroen van de Waal is a multilingual Dutch entrepreneur and conservationist. Jeroen is on a mission to foster a generation of 'ocean ambassadors', who have the passion, drive and determination to reverse humankind's destruction of the sea. Read more.

Chief of Conservation and Education Orca Scuba


A Professor in Earth Sciences, Charlie's passion for the underwater world re-blossomed while working in SE Asia and he decided to work his way up to become a PADI Instructor. He has now joined Orca Scuba as the Chief of Conservation and Education. Read more.

In The Water

The diving industry is filled with characters. Scuba diving is a career that attracts all kinds of people, most of whom have deliberately chosen an extraordinary life - away from computers and commutes. Among these people, it cannot be denied, are a fair share of rebels. At Orca, we aim to be different. We strive constantly to find, and retain, the most professional dive crew on the planet. We pay better wages, we supply better gear, we cover insurance and board, and we award outstanding performance. For these reasons, we employ the most professional team of divers you'll find anywhere in Asia, if not the world.

Dive Base Managers

Orca Location Dive Base Managers ...

Britney Ireland Orca Scuba


Britney was introduced to scuba diving at the young age of 13 by her mother. Born and raised on the east coast of South Africa, she was lucky enough to have the diverse Indian Ocean at her fingertips and this is where her passion for the ocean emerged. After finishing high school, she went straight into her Divemaster course and is now a Master Scuba Diver Trainer. Read more.

Cameron O'friel Orca Scuba


Surrounded by a family of divers, Cameron knew from a very young age that he just had to try it. When he was 16, he completed his Open Water and Advanced courses. He has now decided to dedicate his life to exploring and teaching others about the beauty of the ocean. He has worked all over South Africa, Mozambique and Koh Tao. Read more.

Kev Orca Scuba


As well as fun diving all over the world, Kev has taught diving in Thailand, Malaysia and the Maldives. He has racked up over 4500 dives and 1000 successful dive certifications at various levels, and is our base manager at Orca Komodo. Read more.

Sim Orca Scuba


Sim is from Frankfurt, Germany. It was there, before catching the diving bug, that she used to teach biology and English. Sim has dived and worked in locations such as Thailand, the Maldives, Mexico, Indonesia, Malaysia and Germany. She has over 4500 dives and 1000 certifications. Read more.

Our Orca Resorts Dive Staff ...

Disabled Diving Instructor Orca Scuba


Asyraf started diving when he was 20 years old. He became a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor in 2013. In 2017 he accomplished his PADI Staff Instructor rating, as well as his Disabled-Diving Instructor rating. Asyraf works from our Ocean Centre in Singapore. Read more.

Kong Seng Quee Orca Scuba

Seng Quee

Always finding time to get his fins wet, Seng Quee has been mesmerised by the astonishing wonders of the ocean on every dive. Seng Quee is able to share the experience and value that scuba diving can bring to another person. Seng Quee got his pro-rating in April, 2014. Read more.

Nadia Alsagoff Orca Scuba


Nadia chose to do a Bachelor of Environmental Studies (BES) at the National University of Singapore based on what she enjoyed studying in secondary school and JC - biology and geography. Her love for nature had been instilled in her by her mother from a young age. Read more.

Evita Den Toom Orca Scuba


As long as Evita can remember, she has been an active person who cannot stay inside. Being outside and doing sports has always been important to her. Quitting her corporate communications job in the Netherlands and getting into the diving world has positively changed her life. She's now a PADI Instructor, and a yoga and fitness instructor with Orca Scuba. Read more.

Gabe Mensinga Orca Scuba


From the Netherlands, Gabe is an Orca instructor at Pulau Rawa. As Gabe would say: "Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching!" After one dive, he was hooked on scuba, and a while ago he decided to change his office from corporate headquarters in Amsterdam to the endless ocean. Read more.



Stephen is from Canada and has a Bachelors in Environmental Biology. Stephen has worked as a Green Fins assessor to train and empower dive shops around the Philippines to be champions of the marine environment, and is currently doing the same here with Orca. Read more.

In The Office

Our sales, marketing and customer service teams are every bit as important as our dive crew ...

Buddy Tolba Orca Scuba


Buddy joined Orca Scuba in 2017 as a marketing executive and growth hacker to help support Orca’s regional ventures and expansions. And, as a qualified MSDT, Buddy wishes to continue his passion for teaching diving by organising school diving clubs and activities for different schools in the region. Read more.

Jim Green Orca Scuba


Jim's background is sales and marketing. Jim now sits on multiple boards, is advisor to several startups, and manages a private portfolio of investments across the technology, manufacturing, marketing, leisure and media sectors. Jim is also Orca's chief marketing officer. Read more.

Customer Service Orca Scuba


Joanna has recently joined Orca Scuba as our Customer Services Manager and is here to ensure all our divers get the best out of their dive trips! Contact her with your queries, course questions or to find out more about our various resorts. Read more.

Hilde Melchiors Orca Scuba


Our PADI Divemaster, Hilde, tried diving to keep up with her husband, scuba-junky Jeroen. And, boy, did she start loving the underwater wonder world! Having dived all over Asia, she now enjoys helping our customers receive the tailor-made dive experience they are looking for. You will find Hilde answering your enquiries or lending a helping hand during our many Orca Scuba events. Read more.

Ed Valdes Orca Scuba


Ed started diving in Pulau Aur, an island south of Tioman Island, Malaysia. Ever since, he has dived in a wide range of places, such as Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines, and the west coast of the USA. At Orca Scuba, Ed has been working as a supervisor to operations and technology. Read more.

Returning Staff

Sometimes the time comes for members of the Orca Team to move on and seek new opportunities. They are always welcome back and part of who we are ...

Diving Equipment Scubastore


Always eager to help customers find the appropriate gear and equipment from our wide choice of store items. Riyaz an Equipment Specialist at the Scubastore. Read more.



Originally from Cardiff, Wales, Chelsea is a 23-year-old graduate with a background in events, tourism and hospitality, and a Masters in Tourism and Events Management. Chelsea has completed her Divemaster and Marketing Internship with Orca Scuba. Read more.

Anna Green Orca Scuba


Anna is an Advanced Open Water Diver, who has logged around 50 dives since qualifying in 2010. Anna enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter, and is regularly found riding - sometimes instructing - at the Bukit Timah Saddle Club. Anna is Orca’s general manager. Read more.

Nicki Harford Orca Scuba


Working for over 14 years in the tourism industry across Australia, New York and Hong Kong, Nicki is now based here in Singapore to help you create the most perfect dive trip possible for you and your family. Read more.

Ron Maclean Orca Scuba


Ron first experienced scuba diving in the colder temperatures of his hometown, Ottawa, Canada, where he attained his Open Water certification. This proved to be his first step towards a career in marine science. Read more.

Richard Mountain Orca Scuba


PADI staff instructor, Richard, loves teaching all levels of student divers. He particularly enjoys conducting the PADI Discover Scuba Diving experiences, and teaching Open Water courses, because he gets to introduce people to the world of diving. Richard used to work with Natasha as dive base manager at Orca Scuba. Read more.

Emma Sparrow Orca Scuba


As well as being a scuba instructor, Emma is also a Vinyasa and pre-natal yoga instructor on Rawa Island as part of Orca Yoga. Read more.

Natasha Stefanovska Orca Scuba


Natasha used to be a dive base manager for Orca Scuba at various locations. She is a PADI Staff Instructor and very keen on teaching diving to beginners and professionals alike. Read more.

Simon Bargielowski Orca Scuba


PADI MSDT and Orca Scuba's operations manager, Simon (self-proclaimed “DIVE GOD”) was bitten by the dive bug when he was only 13 and has been a lifelong diver ever since. To date, he has approximately 5000 dives and over 12 years’ experience as an instructor. Read more.

“Excellent dive instructors with a passion for the environment and actually educating you in all safety aspects.”

“Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. We have already booked to go back.”

“I liked it so much that I ended up extending my stay for another week to get my Advanced Open Water Certificate as well.”

Join us

Orca is expanding. Check out our current vacancies ...

Customer Service Representative

If you are enthusiastic, have great people skills and fantastic attention to detail then come and work for Orca Scuba! We are a fast-expanding international scuba diving company and we are looking for a motivated individual to help drive sales and maintain our high levels of customer service. Scuba diving experience is not essential but you must be willing and interested to learn. It’s a fun and fast-paced environment where no two days are the same. Great written and spoken English is essential. For further details please contact PR, DP or SG Resident only please.

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At Orca Scuba, we are passionate about the ocean and everything in it. By introducing people to diving, we 're conserving the oceans one dive at a time.


What sets Orca apart from other operators, even to PADI, is our commitment to UN Goal 14: Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources.


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