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Downward Dog – 10 Tips to Get the Most Out of Yoga’s Most Famous Posture

Downward Dog is probably the most famous of all yoga postures. In flowing styles of yoga, such as Vinyasa or Ashtanga, Downward Dog is used to transition from standing to seated postures and back up again. It is also treated as a resting posture. If the idea that Downward Dog is a resting posture is... Read more »

Letter from our Founder and Chief Orca – Jeroen van de Waal

Dear Orca customers, colleagues and partners, 2017 was a year full of achievements for Orca. We launched our book Together We Can Turn Tides – a fantastic team effort – at the S.E.A. Aquarium. To date, we have distributed 2,000+ copies and more than 2,000 children of various schools in Singapore and Malaysia attended our... Read more »


Introducing Yoga and Fitness Instructor Evita Den Toom

As long as I can remember I have been an active person who cannot stay inside. Being outside and doing sports has always been important to me. Even in my former jobs as project manager I used to run around being busy with ten different things at the same time. It actually gives me more... Read more »


New Scuba Divers in August

Orca Scuba Students who became new scuba divers in August. Once again we would like to give a shout out to everyone who gained a PADI scuba certification and became new scuba divers in August. Congratulations to all of you!  Again we had people certifying at many levels. Open Water, Advanced, Rescue, and this month... Read more »


Orca-eco Conservation Team

Ron Maclean is Canadian and holds a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science. Ron already had some scientific lab research and “in the field” experience in marine conservation with the Barbados Sea Turtle Project, working mostly with endangered Hawksbill sea turtles before he joined our team almost half a year ago. At the age of 22... Read more »

Interview of Orca Scuba C.E.O & founder Jeroen van de Waal by WiseOceans

Orca Scuba would like to thank WiseOceans for giving us the opportunity to spread our message of conservation through this interview and for assisting us with recruiting new interns through the jobseeker section of their website. What inspired you to pursue a career in marine conservation? I have always believed I could make things happen and... Read more »