Orca Scuba Testimonials

Following many of our courses and programmes, many divers like to send us their personal testimonials about the the experiences they had with Orca Scuba. The testimonials from the divers are exactly as they were sent to us, and included are some of the photos they wish to share with you.

This page will be regularly updated with testimonials from our new and coming divers.

Angelica, Year 11

“Challenge week was very fulfilling, and will remain one of the fondest memories of my youth, not only because we had a chance to make a direct impact on the environment, but also because the people we worked with to do this had broken the walls that kept us ignorant to the issues of this world. The most amazing part, is that these people were so genuinely passionate about what they stood for, that it ignited a ame in us to make that change. we left knowing what we could do to help, and became advocates for ensuring that there was a change, beginning with us. We learnt so much about marine life - how a world so immensely different but just as beautiful as ours is being a ected by our unsustainable practices. And that it is now our turn, to right the wrongs of those who came before us and save our world and the world beyond our own; The Ocean.”

Savannah, Year 11

"Challenge week changed me as a person, to work more co aboratively with not only my peers but the environment I am placed in. By having direct interaction with the marine life in Rawa, it made me realise that, the smallest action I make can have a huge in uence on both the world and people around me. It also created a burning passion in us to help spread awareness on how to conserve marine life (e.g. eat less sharks, and to not pollute but instead try to do the three Rs), and to help the population live in a more sustainable way, in harmony with the environment. All in all, this trip was beyond enjoyable for me because of the amazing company that i was able to experience challenge week with and the new friendships that i have formed. If I had to do it a over again, i would not change a thing."

Orca Scuba Testimonials
Orca Scuba Testimonials

Nina, Year 11

"Challenge week was probably one of the best experiences of my life. I rediscovered my passion for diving and marine life, and also learnt so much more about the positive impact the ocean has on our lives. Safe to say, challenge week has changed my perspective on the importance of the marine ecosystem in our world, and also helped me see that our generation needs to come together, work together, to be catalysts for change."

Track, Year 11

"Challenge week in Rawa has been a life changing experience. I was able to realize our effect on the world. How shark’s aren’t monsters and that the open water isn’t something to fear but something to love. The land maybe our current home but a life came from the ocean, so that makes it our ancestral home so it’s our duty to take care of it.

Aside from the learnings and realizations and skills, I also was able to meet and get close to some of the best people I’ve ever met... Our instructors, who are devoted to their work and treat the ocean as if it were their home, our team, the craziest and funniest group ever but still serious with our mission and the orca scuba organization who doesn’t only teach diving but also educates us and protects the ocean. I’m never going to forget a of them."

Rachel, Year 11

"Spending time on Rawa for challenge week was an amazing experience. I got to get closer to people that I never really talked too and got to learn how to dive. Our challenge week was a really unique one in the sense that as an environmental service, we got to interact and directly help the environment thanks to our underwater experience. We also got to learn a lot more about endangered wildlife and that the small things we can do can lead to a big impact. This really pushed me into encouraging others to help the environment by not eating shark’s fin soup, refusing plastic bags and straws, and just being more environmentally friendly in general."

Arielle, Year 11

"Our week in Rawa Island was possibly the best time of my life. I loved the amazing, rare feeling of enjoying the process of learning by being involved in what I am learning about. Learning to dive and diving itself was an another amazing experience that I would like to repeat. It was especially challenging to communicate without words, which taught me how important body language is. We had many incredible experiences, but for me, the highlight of our trip was learning of how we, as humans, impact the environment. It is not just what we throw away, but also what we take. Overfishing and overexploitation due to human wants greatly contribute to the destruction of the environment and it is time that people become aware of that. I hope to help the environment by alerting people of this fact, one person at a time. I am very grateful to a my group mates for making our trip so amazing and of course, I am especially thankful for the staff of Orca Scuba who taught us so many important lessons and for giving so much of their time for us."

Arianne, Year 11

"Challenge Week is one of those memories which you can never forget, and which will stay with you for the rest of your life. It’s the first time I learnt so much about the marine environment, as we as skills such as snorkelling and skin diving, and most of all, overcame my fear of the sea. Through the passion and dedication of our instructors towards marine conservation and the environment, I’ve even rediscovered my own drive to lead by example and save the environment and will be, continuing to do so."

Marcus, Year 11

"It was amazing to spend a week away from our usual lives, working closely together, we attempted to impact the ocean in a positive way, for us we spent a week learning new skills, increasing and improving our diving skills, as well as raising awareness of the marine life that we encounter during our time underwater. We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to do a clean up dive, this was particularly special since this time, instead of being passive as we normally do, we played an active role in removing foreign debris that had a negative impact on coral reefs. Coral reefs have been suffering over the past decade, so we as a collective group built structures that functioned as coral nurseries, as an attempt to aid the local reef recover and ourish again. Challenge week has really impacted me in a positive way, and as a diver there is so much that I can do to raise awareness and protect marine life in the ocean. I would like to thank the Orca Scuba team, in particular Ron and Stephen, for inspiring a of us from their dedication and passion towards the conservation of coral reefs! You have truly made our challenge week one to never forget."


Lauren, Year 11

"I was already in love with the ocean before this trip, but now i feel invested in it. Challenge week was beyond extraordinary, a challenge at times (fulfilling its name), however, for everything I learnt and took away with me it was a worth it. Not only is the ocean a mysteriously beautiful body of water which occupies most of the planet, it plays crucial part in our society. Although the aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems differ, both systems rely on each other interchangeably. In order to sustain ourselves we must protect our oceans! On this trip I learnt that deciding to dive was one of the best decisions I’ve made in a while. I had no idea it would lead me into being an ambassador of the ocean, but I am very glad it did. I would also like to thank our amazing instructors for having patience with us, instilling such values and gladly passing on their wealth of knowledge."

Charmian, Year 11

"What does a challenge mean to you? What do you expect from it? Do you fear and run from it? Or would you face and nail it? 
If it weren’t for that active volcano in Bali, and a welcoming group of marvellous friends, the 8 learning outcomes that I’ve achieved from this trip would have not been possible. Yes the trip was indeed a thrilling roller coaster ride, but personally, I feel that I’ve actually learned something from this trip. I’ve never actually loved or liked a school trip before. This trip was different, it’s one that I’ll never ever forget. I’ll definitely utilize my experience and knowledge gained, into my everyday life because I feel that it’s helped me grow so much more, spiritually and virtuously from the person that I was before.
A big thank you to the lovely passionate instructors for not only tolerating me, but helping me see things from different perspectives. The beautiful ocean that consists of many innocent and beautiful sea creatures. The marine life of coloured pretty creatures, I’ve just never felt so fondly and close to mother nature! I’ve never felt a bond so strong and special that it gave me a strong urge to strive to protect the innocent, harmless creatures and their beautiful underwater world. These creatures did nothing to harm us but was fated to live in the same cruel world as us. And I want to help be their voice for they cannot speak.
As the wise and admirable Jeroen says, “Together we can turn tides!”


Timothy, Year 11

"I cannot be prouder of our group’s achievements over Challenge Week. For me, I look back not on what or how much we did, but on the personal growth the week has instilled in us. We fell in love with the ocean in less than a week, gaining a newfound adoration for marine life, the ocean and conservation. From sharks to turtles to corals, to the incredible memories with each other and our prototype coral nursery, the ocean is a huge place, and everyone has a part to play in its protection. The week has changed conservation work for me from a ‘chore’ to a ‘duty with passion’, pushing me to go further, fueling my newly enhanced love for the environment. A special thank you to a my group mates and instructors at Orca for being an indispensable part of the week, it wouldn’t have been the same without you."

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“Excellent dive instructors with a passion for the environment and actually educating you in all safety aspects.”

“Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. We have already booked to go back.”

“I liked it so much that I ended up extending my stay for another week to get my Advanced Open Water Certificate as well.”

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