Scuba Diving with Children

Is Scuba Diving Safe for Children?

Orca Scuba specialises in teaching young people, as young as 8 years old, how to scuba dive. Safety is therefore an intrinsic part of the company culture. It is obvious in everything that we do, and it is our most sacred principle.

PADI’s stringent scuba diving safety measures

Worldwide scuba diving has one of the best safety records of all the so-called “adventure” sports. Universally the training is intensive and comprehensive, with a huge emphasis on safety and accident prevention. The certifying agencies lay out stringent standards that all of their associated dive operators must adhere to, and they will not allow people to dive without the requisite accreditation.


“We have a zero failure and accident track record and are actively working on keeping it like that, 24/7.”


PADI is the largest and best known of the world’s dive agencies, and its reputation for safe, sensible diving is well founded – keeping well within acceptable depths and dive limits. PADI takes numerous quality assurance measures and makes checks regularly throughout the industry, with stiff penalties for those who drop below the standards.

Child Safety in Scuba Diving

Child Safety at Orca Scuba

All Orca Scuba staff are trained to the highest level as PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainers and Staff Instructors. They are also Emergency First Response Instructors and Oxygen Providers.  Together, our management team alone have certified over 4000 students from beginner to professional level. Our scuba and safety equipment is modern and maintained to the highest standards.

Top-rated Singapore dive centre

Headquartered in Singapore, Orca has built up top ratings among our customers, as can be seen on both our TripAdvisor and Facebook pages. We are proud of our reputation for getting the balance right between fun and safety. Our level of repeat business and close relationships with Singapore’s schools is testament to that fact.

We are parents and safety experts

Most members of our management team have (diving) children themselves and understand the importance of Health, Safety, Environment and Quality. We have a zero failure and accident track record and are actively working on keeping it like that, 24/7.

"Our founder, Jeroen van de Waal, has a background in large-scale manufacturing, mechanical engineering, and oil and gas. He has worked with highly dangerous and potentially fatal working conditions his entire career. Jeroen has imposed his rigorous health and safety standards on Orca Scuba, making us – we are told – one of the most organised and process-orientated dive operators in the world."

Emergency First Response (EFR)

We are also the only scuba company with its own Emergency First Response room at our dive facilities. All our Master Scuba Diver Trainers are Emergency First Response providers, and more than 15 general staff at the Rawa Island Resort have been trained as EFR providers.

Just ask

If you are a parent or teacher that’s worried about the safety of your children, please send us a message with your concerns and we will be happy to explain our approach in more detail.

For more about child safety...

Scuba for Kids, Schools and Families

What makes Orca Scuba different - besides our outstanding equipment, diver-to-instructor ratios, and quality standards - is our focus on diving with children and families.

Diving for Children – FAQs

Orca Scuba runs courses for all the family and our pupils start at just 8 years old. We make diving as safe, relaxed and informative as possible. Here are some frequently asked questions about our safety approach.

Diving for Families

Our team of professional dive instructors specialise in diving for families - either separately, according to experience, or as a single group. They have years of experience introducing children and their parents to the underwater world.

Diving for Schools

Orca Scuba works with many of the schools in Singapore and Malaysia. We run multiple school programmes, for children ranging in ages from 8-18, including PADI dive courses, schools camps, oceanic awareness courses, conservation and much more.