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PADI Open Water Diver courses

The PADI Open Water Diver course is the world’s best-known diving accreditation. Recognised internationally, PADI Open Water Divers can experience the joys of scuba diving anywhere in the world. Sign up today for the freedom to descend as far as 18 metres in depth, with or without a dive master.

What’s involved?

Open Water dive courses consist of a combination of practical and theoretical instruction. This means that some of the time you’ll be in the water, and at other times you’ll be in a classroom, or the equivalent. Reading and course materials will be provided, and our professional staff will ensure you are fully prepared for life underwater!


Open Water courses have three components: dive theory, shallow water skills practice and four dives in open water. Depending on location, the shallow water skills practice may take place in a pool (for example in Singapore) or in shallow, confined water in the ocean. We typically use Pulau Rawa, Malaysia and Pulau Weh, Indonesia.


Although you can choose the full classroom theory with an instructor, most Orca customers opt for digital learning. Classroom study entails fixed study times and a small extra cost, while e-learning is totally flexible. Most people find the interactive course materials more interesting and engaging than the traditional hard copy books. Also, PADI’s digital tools can be accessed remotely, 24×7, from both computers and tablets. They are packed full of photos, video clips and dynamic graphical content. They also enable you to study at your own pace, and to experiment with study questions, knowledge reviews, quizzes and exams. These are usually both entertaining and interactive.


After completing the digital theory, your instructor will walk you through the headline concepts. You’ll review any questions you have, and any details you may have found puzzling. Your instructor will also provide a short review of the most important issues, ensuring your understanding is to the required level. This allows us to gauge when you’re ready to dive, and ensures you are confident enough to take to the water.

Shallow Water Skills

Depending on your location, Orca Scuba offers two options for completing the shallow water skills:

  1. Shallow water skills session in the pool in Singapore
  2. Shallow water skills session on Pulau Rawa

Importantly, shallow water skills training allows you to practice the basics of scuba diving before you proceed to the deeper water in your open water dives.

Open Water Dives

As the name suggests, this is the part of the course you do in the open water. Open Water courses entail 4 dives in open water, where you’ll descend as far as 18 metres, practising the skills you learned in your theory and shallow-water dive sessions. All being well, at the end of the fourth dive, you’ll be an Open Water accredited diver.


To participate in the PADI Open Water Diver Course you must:

What will you learn?

During the PADI Open Water Diver course you will:

  • Develop knowledge and experience to better understand the basic principles of scuba diving. This can even be completed in the comfort of your own home at a speed that suits you using PADI’s new tablet app.
  • Develop skills in confined water where you will learn all the skills and techniques you will need when diving in open water.
  • Complete several open water dives to put your new skills to use and explore the underwater world with one of our professional PADI dive instructor.
  • Learn all about the equipment used in scuba diving and how to set up your own set of dive gear before a dive.


Here at Orca Scuba we have several locations for completing the Open Water Diver program, which can be mixed and matched, depending on availability:

  • Orca Singapore (theory and shallow water skills only)
  • Orca Rawa at Pulau Rawa, Malaysia
  • Orca Maka-Maka at Lembeh, Indonesia
  • Orca Ashyana at Bali, Indonesia

Key information

  • Diver age: minimum 15 years old (children aged 10-to-14 can complete the PADI Junior Open Water Diver course)
  • Course components:
    • Dive theory
    • Shallow water skills practice (pool or confined water in the ocean)
    • Four dives in open water
  • Course duration: 3-to-4 days (flexible)
  • Maximum depth: 18 metres
  • Dive location: swimming pool and ocean

I went to Rawa Island to get my Open Water diver certificate with Orca Scuba. I liked it so much that I ended up extending my stay for another week to get my Advanced Open Water certificate as well.

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