Orca Scuba Special Dive Programs

Special Dive Programs

At Orca Scuba we offer a wide range of special programs to cater for the individual needs of:

  • Private Customers
  • Schools and Universities
  • Private Sector – Local and Multinational Companies
  • Government Organizations

Below we are listing a sample range of special programs we offer to cater for different customer requirements. Please contact us to inquire about any of these. We will get back to you with a tailored answer to serve your needs in the best possible way.

Team building

We offer a wide variety of program options for Companies and other organizations on our Rawa Resort Island. These programs can either be prepared around diving and in-water activities or as stand-alone activities using our beautiful island and facilities. We can cater for small groups all the way up to 300 persons on the island. We work with specific partner companies on coaching and team building for those programs required.

School camps

Since our establishment we have developed custom made programs for a number of (International) Schools from Singapore and Malaysia. In conjunction with the schools we prepare special educational and scuba training programs starting with the Academics all the way through to the final PADI certification. Our training facilities are very safe and well equipped for children. We can offer basic to luxury accommodation to cater for individual school needs and requirements. Read more about how we dive with schools and children here.

Educational support programs

We have developed a variety of programs together with local Universities and organizations on the awareness among children regarding negative and positive impacts of human actions and their consequences for the environment. Together with schools and other educational institutions we develop tailor made programs that run short and long term on:

  • Seagrass replantation and transplantation
  • Coral reef monitoring and preservation
  • Oceanic Awareness
  • Deployment of barn owls as natural rodent and plague control guards
  • Future implementation of turtle and sea horse reintroduction programs

Holiday scuba camps

Most children attending the schools in Singapore and Malaysia have extensive holidays and most probably not all parents are able to follow their children in their time off. We organise specific and open School Holiday Scuba Camps on our Rawa Island for children 12 years of age and up. Typically, these programs run from Monday to Friday. Over the course of 5 days we organise various courses and educational programs, including the Oceanic Awareness Program and focused film evenings. Courses that could be attended during these Holiday Camps:

Oceanic Awareness Program

This is a 10 lesson, 45 minutes per session, Orca Scuba program, specifically designed for children aging from 8-18 on 10 main Ocean related topics. Each module treats a specific topic and those are:

  • Corals and Reefs
  • Mangroves
  • Turtles
  • Plastic Trash in Oceans
  • Fish Identification
  • Currents/Tides/Waves
  • Shark Guardian & Sea Sheppard
  • Sharks
  • Weird & Wonderful
  • Beach Clean Up / Adopt a Beach

Scuba training for universities

We have developed a special program for those Universities and students with programs that involve surface and submerged research studies and programs. Together with PADI we offer Scholarship programs enabling us to extend specially priced programs to students. These programs run partially in Singapore and Malaysia at the University’s facilities (Academics and Pool Sessions) and the final Open Water diving will be done on Rawa or any other Orca Scuba resort facility.

Executive divemaster and instructor training

The typical way for many people to achieve their goal of becoming Dive master, Open Water Scuba Instructor or even Master Scuba Diver Trainer is to take a long time off school or work life and fully dedicate time to realize their PADI Professional Level targets. At Orca Scuba we understand that for many people this is not possible. They need a personalized tailor made program that can be blended into their school or work schedules. Specifically, for those we have developed the Orca Scuba PADI based Executive Dive Master and Instructor training programs allowing students to reach their professional targets over a period of multiple months.

Dive clubs

Since Scuba Diving is in our DNA we help schools, universities and (multinational) companies to run their own internal scuba clubs. We understand how to set up training programs and scuba excursions like no one else. Let us help you to organize your dive club activities for you.

Gap year programs for IB and GCSE students

After completion of IGCSE and/or IB programs many students and parents are faced with the choice of what is going to be the next step. Specifically, for those students who are not sure (yet) on what to do after completion of senior or high school we have developed a Gap Year Program. These programs run from 3 to 12 months and are fully interwoven with the PADI from “Zero to Hero” programs. We work with student divers from Open Water level all the way up to Master Scuba Diver Trainer. Part of the Gap Year program is to gain working experience and joining the Professionals at Orca Scuba. Gaining both your professional diver certifications and a lot of life and work experience at the same time.

Home teaching

We understand that most of our customers have a very busy work/life schedule combined with extensive (International) travel and odd working hours. For those customers who have a sheer lack of study time and/or time off we do “home” teaching on both the theory (academics) and (private) pool sessions. The pool training obviously requires a prior pool inspection to make sure that basic requirements are met.

How to inquire on the Orca Scuba special programs

The programs listed require some customer contact time. Typically we will schedule a meeting, at a time convenient for you, to identify your specific requirements, needs and wishes. We will then tailor a bespoke special program just for you. Please contact us and mention ‘special program’ so we can arrange an exploratory meeting.

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