Teaching Children Scuba Diving in South East Asia

Diving in Singapore

Orca Scuba was founded in 2014. Its goal: to provide the highest quality fun diving and dive courses Singapore had ever seen. From the outset, our clients have been an international mix of professional people and families who love diving. Although hailing from all corners of the world, they typically share two characteristics - an aversion to wasting time and a desire for quality. Orca Scuba provides the best diving experiences in the region, with the best equipment and the best instruction.

Where can you dive in Singapore?

Where can you dive in Singapore?

Despite being a relatively small island, diving in Singapore's coastal waters is not recommended. One look offshore into the South China Sea will show you it's a busy shipping area, with murky water and heavy boat traffic. If you want to dive in Singapore itself, the likelihood is you'll be diving in a swimming pool. We have access to numerous pools across the island, where we provide refresher courses, skills training, and diving experiences for beginners and children. If you have access to your own pool, we can also complete pool training in the comfort of your own home.

"Our daughter of 14 years old had her first ever diving lesson with Orca Scuba in Singapore and got hooked straight away. The instructors are very dedicated to their task and have an amazing way of teaching..."

Fun Diving in Singapore

Although the oceans around Singapore aren't ideal for fun dives, there is one location where you are guaranteed clear water, hundreds of fish - of all shapes and sizes - and incredible marine life: the SEA Aquarium in Resorts World, Singapore.


"Do the aquarium scuba dive. The dive is one of a kind [...] there is so much sea life you will never see on a typical dive. I have dived in Guam, Bali, Okinawa and this aquarium dive is in my top five easily." (TripAdvisor)


The only way to book a dive in the world's largest aquarium is to book direct. Click here to be redirected to the Resorts World site (you may need to scroll down the page).

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Take a dive course in Singapore

Teaching dive courses is how we first started, and being a Singapore company, that's where many of our diving courses begin. As a Five Star PADI 'Instructor Development Center' we are able to teach amateur divers and professional divers alike. By far our most popular courses are the Open Water dive courses. These tend to begin in a local Singapore pool, then finish at one of our dive sites in Malaysia or Indonesia. We offer a very flexible style of instruction, which means you can cram a whole course into a long weekend, stagger your learning over several weeks, or even do some of your training at home. You can read more about our Singapore-based dive courses here.

The best dive sites close to Singapore


Where's the best diving near Singapore?

Knowing our customers are short on time, it's important that we can access great diving close to Singapore. That's why we picked Pulau Rawa as the location of our first dive centre and diving headquarters.

Pulau Rawa, Malaysia

Not only does Rawa have a flourishing reef only metres from the beachfront accommodation, but also it's easy to reach. You can drive to Rawa, or we'll arrange a taxi, and usually you'll be on the beach within 2.5 hours. The diving is easily accessible from shore, and there's plenty to see - including an amazing population of 'Nemo' fish. You can read more about Rawa here.

Komodo, Indonesia

Orca Komodo has everything a diver will ever need. There are beautiful, shallow dives close to shore for beginners; and there are powerful currents, deep rifts and underwater mounds for advanced divers who enjoy drift and wreck diving. Contact us for more info.

Koh Tao, Thailand

With 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, splash pool, games room, fully equipped kitchen and private ocean access, Orca Scuba customers can now rent our private villa on Thailand's magnificent Koh Tao. Each rental includes your own private dive instructor and exclusive usage of our compressor room and the latest dive gear. Read more about diving in Thailand here.

Definitely going back again. So convenient to get to Rawa from Singapore!

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Diving in Malaysia

Orca Scuba currently provides diving in Malaysia from two locations - Kuala Lumpur and Pulau Rawa. Here we cover all aspects of diving and instruction.

Diving in Indonesia

Orca Scuba provides diving in Indonesia at one of the top dive locations available in Southeast Asia. One of our highlights is our dive base in Lembeh, Indonesia.

Diving for Schools

Orca Scuba works with many of the schools in Singapore and Malaysia. We run multiple school programmes, for children ranging in ages from 8-18, including PADI dive courses, schools camps, oceanic awareness courses, conservation and much more.