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Scuba, snorkelling and diving equipment in Singapore

Orca Scuba offers a wide variety of high-quality snorkelling and diving equipment in Singapore and Malaysia, both for rent and for sale. If you are doing a dive course with us, we’ll provide the latest dive gear as part of your package – and unlike most dive operators, when we say ‘latest’, we mean it. If you want to buy equipment, you can do so either in our store at our Orca Scuba head office (by appointment only) or online at our Orca Shop. Our friendly dive pros are always on hand to advise you on the best equipment for your needs and make sure anything you buy is the perfect fit. We can even organise a private fitting session for you, just contact us to make an appointment.

Scuba, Snorkelling and Diving Equipment in Singapore

Rent the highest quality diving equipment in Singapore

All our brands are carefully selected to offer only the best in quality and performance, so you can relax in knowing that no matter what you purchase, you can rely fully on your gear. Trying to choose the best equipment from the huge range of options available today can be confusing, so feel free to get in touch and we can help you make the right decision.

What dive equipment do we provide for customers?

All the scuba and snorkeling equipment we use at Orca Scuba is new and very well maintained. We recently upgraded a lot of our gear to Scubapro, and we will continue to invest in the latest equipment as part of our commitment to being the region’s leading dive centre.

Rental equipment (included in dive courses)

On Rawa Island we use Seac Sub EGO BCDs of which we provide a large range of sizes starting with XXXS for our smallest ‘Supplied Air Snorkelers’ and ‘Bubble Makers’ through to a size XL for adults.

For our regulator sets we have the new Scubapro MK2 Evo, paired with the Scubapro R095 2nd stages, as well as several Seac Sub P-Synchros sets. All the regulators are fitted with comfort mouth pieces and are checked and serviced regularly.

We use 2.5 mm front zip shorty wetsuits from Tribord which we provide from kid size 8 to an adult XXL.


Equipment was top quality, obviously well maintained. Overall wonderful trip!


We have open heel fins, the Avanti Quattro from Mares and Pro Propulsion from Seac Sub, which is used with the Seac Sub 5mm booties that range from size 36 to 45. Furthermore, we provide a range of adjustable Seac Sub Sprint open heel fins for kids, which can be worn without booties.

All our tanks are Catalina: 12 set of S64 8-litre tanks, 50 sets of S80 11-litre and 8 sets of C 13-litre.
The air supply is from the Bauer compressor, which reliably provides our guests with clean, dry, filtered air.

The masks and snorkels we use are from Seac Sub and Scubapro – all fitted with comfortable mask straps for adults and kids.
We use Scubapro Aladdin One dive computers, and have compasses as well as torches for our courses or as rentals.

We can provide a variety of high quality self-sealing SMBs on request, and various accessories such as reels, cutting tools and special practice SMBs for our courses.

“All the staff from Orca has been very helpful, starting with excellent advice from the dive store manager.”

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Orca Scuba dive shops in Singapore's, relocated to our head office on Alexandra Road, offer a huge selection of diving and snorkelling equipment, plus advice on diving locally.