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Making a Better Diver? A Guide by Orca Scuba

Mental Preparation to become a better diver Diving is described as an extreme sport, although to most recreational divers it is regarded simply as a leisure pursuit most still want to know how to become a better diver. When underwater our troubles and stresses disappear as we enjoy and immerse ourselves in the aquatic environment.... Read more »


To Become a Certified Diver Why do a Swim Test?

To Become a Certified Diver Why do a Swim Test?  You don’t have to be an Olympic swimmer to become a certified diver, in fact you do not need to be a very strong swimmer at all, but having some stamina in the water and feeling relaxed helps a lot. On the open water course... Read more »


Finding the Perfect Scuba Mask – A Guide by Orca Scuba

The “ Scuba Mask” Finding the “perfect fit” scuba mask, how to care for it before and after scuba diving and why you should not be scared to remove it when underwater. You have become a new scuba diver or you are thinking of taking up scuba and wonder what essential equipment you will need to begin... Read more »